Website Design,
and Hosting

Mudretz has centered its core expertise around website design and development. Our skilled analysts, designers, and engineers are well versed in the latest technologies and how best to apply them to the creation of the best websites available today. So, if you want an eCommerce, web blog, small business, or family website, Mudretz has a service solution for you. (See our Available Services).

To complement our award winning website design and development, we offer all of our clients commercial-grade website hosting. Our website servers are securely located in hardened facilities, on a fiber-optic backbone, and managed by a team of professional system administrators and hardware experts 24x7x365. These high-powered servers give you the best of speed and scalability for your website and business at a very low cost.

Mobile Applications
Android, iPhone,
and others

The popularity of mobile phone applications (Mobile APPs)has created a huge market and demand for building innovative mobile solutions. Mudretz has the technical expertise for creating any kind of mobile application; iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad, and other tablet devices.

Complementing the design and development of Mobile APPs is our team of PR and Marketing wizards. Their expertise in the mobile market can be your most valuable partner in taking your mobile application idea to market. They know how to utilize existing internet portals and channels to deploy and monetize your product on a global scale, and at a very low cost.

PR/Mktg. Distribution
and monetization

Do you have a great idea for a mobile application, an eCommerce site, or a money-making web blog, but aren't clear on how to get your product or idea to the market? Our eProduct PR, Marketing, Distribution and Monetization team can help you!

For example: The mobile phone application market is over three billion strong! Mudretz knows how to reach the mobile phone application market on an international scale, AND how to collect revenue through global currency exchange and get it straight to your bank.

If you have ideas for making money with an eCommerce website, an Affiliate website, or advertising on your blog, we can help there, too! Our PR and Marketing team have performed dozens of internet marketing and monetization case studies, and can forumulate the very best plan for turning your ideas and products into successful passive revenue streams.

Available Services

  • Website Design and Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Commercial-Grade Website Hosting
  • Mobile Applications
  • WordPress and Drupal Blog Sites
  • Logo design and graphic/digital art
  • General Software Design and Development
  • PR/Marketing, Distribution and Monetization
  • Business Analysis and Planning
  • On-going maintenance and upgrades to existing websites

services overview

We want to contribute to your success!

In today's software market, it is not enough to deliver the best software. Add-on services that educate the clients, allow them to be productive, and successful in the exploitation of their ideas, are just a small part of what compliments good software and makes it great. Mudretz Software Development and Design offers an end-to-end suite of add-on services from which the client can pick and choose.

At Mudretz Software Design and Development we do not believe in "one size fits all", nor do we believe in being a "master of all trades". Software companies that adopt these philosophies ultimately fail as eventually, something of significance falls through the cracks. Mudretz believes in clients having a choice in the services they wish to engage, and Mudretz offers that choice.