every engagement is a case study

Not every project is showcased in the Mudretz website, however every project that Mudretz performs *is* showcased via a rigorous internal case study. To other businesses, this may seem to be an unnecessary academic exercise, but to us, the case study is core to the successes of our engagements.

We take every one of our projects very seriously, whether it is a small project for an individual or a large-scale project for a Fortune 500. We perform case studies to identify project accelerators and inhibitors, and the resulting knowledge folds into both our Mudretz Software Development and Implementation Methodology© and our Risk Mitigation Methodology©. The on-going modification and improvement of our methodologies are the major contributors to making every single one of our customers 100% referenceable.

Solutions Showcase

Below, you will find an abbreviated list of our clients. These particular client projects presented interesting challenges. Some had very long histories on the internet and needed changes to accommodate newer technologies and browsers, and some were new and very interesting because of their own particular businesses with unusual requirements. We have benefitted greatly from the challenges they presented, and are grateful for their being terrific clients.

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