Accolades from our Clients

United States Naval Sailing Association

"Mudretz has full responsibility for the added functionality and on-going maintenance of the U.S. Naval Sailing Association website - They are professional, competent, cost-effective and a valued part of the USNSA team. We are very happy to have been introduced to Mudretz and would recommend them without any hesitation." Michael Christman, Executive Director - U.S. Naval Sailing Association

APEX Enterprise Solutions, Inc.

"During the creation of our U.S. operations, we at APEX spent many hours with the Mudretz management team who made significant contributions towards smoothing our transition. Through this activity we found a U.S. friend that we knew could be trusted to do a terrific job towards designing, developing and hosting APEX Enterprise Solutions new U.S. website. We look forward to continuing our business relationship on many platforms."Khalid Usmani, Founder and Managing Director - APEX Enterprise Solutions

CompuStaff and EntireCloud

"At EntireCloud and our parent Company Compustaff we are constantly on the lookout for partners who uphold the standards that we have set for the Fortune 500 clients that we serve. Mudretz is such a company. Their attention to detail, clean and functional web structuring have made them an invaluable resource for us. Mudretz is our first choice when it comes to web design and backend database structure for web apps." John Kemp, CEO - EntireCloud and Compustaff

Thea Madden, Thea Madden's Blog

"I am delighted with the way my website TheaMadden was developed by Mudretz!. Their professionals not only did what I wanted but advised me on refining my ideas to make the site even more effective. The project was completed to time and cost and exceeded my expectations.The post sales support has been timely and professional." Thea Madden, President - MyMakeUp101